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e42: The Trapped Doe

Body of Work 02.12.20

Case N. 1

Supporting Piece (Storyboard):

(A storyboard documenting Deccker's first case. A doe she is hunting disappears in the few seconds she loses sight of it after non-fatally wounding it. Seconds later, she hears it crying in anguish, impossibly and irrevocably jammed in an open water pipe, leaving the question of why or even how this could have happened...)

Notes on Development:

Needless to say, of all the cases involved in this submission, this was the first to be realised simply because it was the one needing the least rendering.

I decided very early on that the original deer in the pipe should be part of the submissions, mainly to function as a quality test for certain elements I was nervous about implementing into the bigger pieces, but also as an homage to the original inspiration behind the idea

From this image, I hoped to improve from a pencil sketch artist into a digital painter and now, standing at the finish line, I am very proud of the progress I have made toward this goal.

On top of being the first submission to be officially 'finished', this was also the first of the case images that was converted into a cycling animation with solvable cryptograms during the collaboration with Mohammad Musbah Sablouh - a different submission, which I go into further detail about in a later entry.



[Please see bellow videos documenting the entire process of creating this piece: from concept, to sketch, to painting, and rendering.]

Note: due to an unknown issue with the software, all time-lapse videos have a slight colour distortion, sometimes appearing darker and a much higher saturation than what the canvas truly looked like at the time. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

- R Cipolletta



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