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e46: The Bait

Body of Work 08.12.20

Case N. 5

Supporting Piece (Storyboard):

(In the finale of this version of Deccker's story, she sits completely alone in her shack, infuriated. She sets a trap, herself covered in Euro's blood, and waits for the demon she is sure is chasing her, to meet her in a final showdown. After hours of restless, drunken patience, she sleeps...)

Notes on Development:

What started off as a quick, spontaneous rendering of a scene I didn't really plan on painting, turned into the final moments on the project with this character.

From a story perspective its about Deccker finally losing her controlled façade and succumbing to a repressed rage that had otherwise been seeping out in senseless violence against cervids - and from a technical stand-point its just about some cool texture brushes!

What was important to me about this scene was the simplicity, and the sense of isolation within the shots, so a lot of the work went into 'invisible' places and most of the 'objects' in the scenes were just various blocks of light. I used solid colour panels as the base palette for the scene and the pre-set texture brushes in different temperature shades for depth. Finally I went over everything with a fine toothed comb and manually carved in the detailing that I felt would finish it off.

The door was particularly time consuming, due the slanting angles of the panels and the inconsistent lighting. So much so, that in my texturing fervour I even forgot to include a door handle or keyhole!

But all this aside, the lighting was once again the most rewarding part, very much reminding me of the shadow cast on the wall from my final render of the Beast from my Blind Project in the second term.

With these final concept art bits done, I began preparing for the final and most interesting submission...



[Please see bellow videos documenting the entire process of creating this piece: from concept, to sketch, to painting, and rendering.]

Note: due to an unknown issue with the software, all time-lapse videos have a slight colour distortion, sometimes appearing darker and a much higher saturation than what the canvas truly looked like at the time. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

- R Cipolletta


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