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e41: The Finish Line

Insert Topic Information 01.12.20

Conclusion & Final Words

Thank You:

As a whole, this project has been massively beneficial, both to my mental health and my career prospects as a future industry specialist.

Writing the blog/Reflective Journal/Research Files was, unexpectedly, one of my favourite parts of the whole experience and, as a result, has ended up to be a fairly gargantuan piece of writing. In light of this, I would like to take the time not only to thank those who have inspired and supported me through this project, but also those who have taken the time to read my introspections and have made it this far. This is very much your finish line as well!

Closing Posts:

The next entries all consist of my final submitted digital paintings (one page per piece), under which I have included some notes on the development involved. I have restricted these entries toward commentary on my digital painting techniques specifically, to demonstrate my progress toward achieving the goals set out in my Learning Agreement, which ultimately prioritised technical application over theoretical or conceptual.

An overview of the project as a whole can be found in my Critical Reflection, also submitted with my work and available here for public viewing.

For the convenience of the examiners, I have organised the next posts to be in the chronological order of how I created them, to best show the development of my skillset and thought processes.

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, and I wish you happy reading!

- R Cipolletta



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