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e34: Wednesday Tuition

Marie Brennan & Suzie Hanna 11.11.20

Seminar - LO21 and LO22

Two back-to-back seminars addressing learning outcomes, followed by a task and group discussion...




  • Quotes included in word count.

  • Presentations to class count as peer presentations.

  • Presentations have to be verbal and written - basically a presentation.

  • Who would be my specialist audience - Tiffany (?) but who else...

  • Seth Godwin “Purple Cow” - due to desensitisation and media influence, we don’t notice average things anymore. Remarkable brings us our sight (like a purple cow among the regular ones).

  • Simon Sinek “Start with Why“ diagram... ***

  • Market - who you want or think will want product. Audience - who is actually consuming. Reach - ??

  • Demographics: age, gender, profession, location, marital status...

  • Psychographics: personality, values, activities, interests, opinions...

  • Behavioural: how do the market behave (especially online)

  • Geographic Reach: market by physical distance? Like a pantomime would usualily be geographical to the area...

  • How do you talk to all audiences? How do you get the furthest reach?

  • What’s my audience????

  • It used to be that the goal was to move the outer blue ring of the reach bullseye to come in - but now it’s considered a waste of resources.

  • AIDA: attention >> interest >> desire >> action.

  • 1000 True Fans Concept (Kevin Kelly). The entrepreneur’s alternative to stardom. True fan = someone who will buy anything you produce. Dominate a niche is a good bet.


  • Originality & Professional Expectations

  • Which past alumni have been successful and why? What did they do?

  • Show process & research >> defend creative decisions/practices >> show the work.

  • Ben Taub - Danyelle Rolla - Rachel Long (***) - Henry Driver - Tracy Satchwill - Mark Mann (Master’s Project Blog) - Luke Green & Fraser Brown (Studio Goblin) - Jade Anderson - Lizzie Kimbley.


  1. The Trapped Doe

  2. The Flying Moose

  3. The Antlered Tree

  4. The Trapped Elk

  5. The Uncanny Dog

  6. The Trap (END)

  • (6) Deer are prey (side-facing eyes)... a deer with forward-facing eyes (predator)? Bipedal. Tree branches in the shape of deer antlers...

  • Background elements: show the bandaid on the missing finger. Show the head of the mounted cervid (follows her wherever she is, she never notices). Should be the cervix at the end - so it is unclear whether it’s a nightmare or not... Vengeful Spirit. The mount climbs down...

  • (5) Take the dog to the truck/vet. He is absent from the last story beat and she is drunk while she waits. Not known if he died (is he injured?).

  • Does The Trapped Elk hurt the dog? Get him taken to the vet and turn into (5)

Seminar Task

  • What do you consider to be a good example of professional practice in your discipline and why?

    • ^^ Chiara Bautista & Iain McCaig - illustrating story through visual mediums. Chiara Bautista in particular builds an extended universe in her comics and raises questions about whether there is real-world significance.

  • Where do you imagine yourself to be working in 5 years’ time, and what do you aspire to be doing or making as a creative professional? (be ambitious)

    • ^^ I have a few different outcomes in mind but, ironically, being ambitious is the opposite of what I want to do. I want to lay a few simple seeds and explore them in a relaxed fashion and let the path pave itself.

  • What steps may the journey entail from being a Masters graduate to this position?

    • ^^ Getting home, rest up - start my life fresh, with inspiration and skillset solidified.

  • How may your choices be validated?

    • ^^ Being happy.

I explained in my feedback session with the group that I do not subscribe to these types of questions because I have been (in a sense) tormented by them my entire life. As far back as I remember (5-6 years old), I was obsessed with what my ultimate goal for a career would be, so much so that I was constantly experiencing high levels of frustration/distress, enduring incessant creative blocks from the internalised pressure, and not making any real progress in reaching any of the goals I was choosing. As a result, I kept bouncing from objective to objective, assuming that the reason I was so stifled had to be that I had simply chosen wrong.

It took 22 years, attendance at NUA, and encouragement by the subject leader, for me to finally let go of my obsessive compulsive fixation on any specific outcome and focus instead on allowing myself to relax and progress. Now I am teaching myself to keep my options open, and allow the path to reveal itself to me, rather than obsessively chasing ghosts in the wrong direction.

- R Cipolletta



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