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e30: Beginning of the End

Project Planning & Organising 01.11.20

November (1month, 10days Remaining)


With the final month coming in at full stride, I started feeling that old familiar time crunch stress. Knowing full well from past experience that it's this crunch-associated panic which causes me to procrastinate, I went and got ahead of it by creating a Trello to list and organise the things I have left to do. Considering how satisfying/calming I find it to work through and tick off items on a list, I'm fairly confident that this should counteract the procrastination issue and pull me together for the final weeks.

I will be updating this Trello page and working solidly to go through at least a few items a week. I feel it ought to replace the GANTT chart as my official plan for the end of the module.

Wish me luck!

- R Cipolletta



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