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e28: Mid-Project Presentation

Carla MacKinnon 28.10.20

Progress Update & Feedback

>> click here for PowerPoint presentation <<

>> click here for presentation script <<

note: I had extra time in the pitch, and so deviated here and there from the PowerPoint script to include more information from my reflective journals that I had not originally thought would fit in the timeframe. All info I added is already documented across these entries.



Post-Presentation Feedback...

  • Carla thinks it's an interesting premise!

  • The Detective story is confirmed to be intriguing and captivating.

  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (game about solving mysteries and mental health etc - recommended before!)

  • Twin Peaks (Netflix) - Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic

  • Return of Obra Dinn (Game)

  • "Lynchian" <-- look up term. My story is lynchian?

  • Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt - resource for character arcs!! Short book. If low on time check with Charlie!

  • Who is audience? What should be their emotional engagement? <-- she got this most from me out of all of us but I need to make sure I keep it very very clear.

  • What reaction do I want from the audience? Are we sympathetic to the character or objective? Are we going to relate to them or judge them? How does this influence the character arc and design?


Retrospective Edit (30.10.20):

I had a progress update tutorial with Suzie today where I used this presentation to recap the information with her and she raised an interesting point. If I omit the supernatural emphasis of the cases, or at least weave in that it's imagined, I could consider that perhaps she is killing the deer but simply not remembering it (carbon monoxide rational explanation from earlier entries spring to mind). This really works with my previous notes on the Ouroboros, and the self-fulfilling prophecy as it confirms that she is actually mad and simply chasing shadows (herself). Super interesting!

Like Carla, she also really liked the concept and my work on it. Very happy!

- R Cipolletta



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