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e27: The Fundamentals of Landscapes - Noah Bradley

Story Boarding Research 25.10.20

Landscapes & Composition

Into the Forest:

I began watching and following along to the video that Sheza recommended because I knew that it would be helpful for me to understand how composition works in landscapes so that I might apply it to some of the wide angle shots of the forest that my Detective might find themselves in.

However, since I'm starting to feel a bit more of a time crunch and if I'm honest I don't even have any wide angle shots planned for my story yet, I think I'm going to retire early on this one and prioritise more relevant tutorials. I have my eye on the one I listed in my Learning Agreement about narrative storyboarding for the moment.

The above image is my own work, created as I watched Mr. Bradley do the same in the video. The top row is my first attempt at learning his technique by copying his scenery as well as his steps. The bottom two rows are landscapes from my own imagination to help me better master the application. As I have written on the canvas, the main two lessons I've learned so far are about the three main values (light to dark when going from background to foreground) and the subset of values that should follow (detailing should always be darker than the value of that layer). You can see me apply the latter lesson in that very last shot of the castle/kingdom:

- R Cipolletta



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