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e23: Wednesday Tuition

Lesson Notes 21.10.20

LO19 & LO20: Lecture & Seminar




LO19 - Innovation:

  • "Creativity is thinking new things, Innovation is doing new things".

  • Architectural: Taking lessons from field and applying them to another.

  • Incremental: An improvement on an existing framework.

  • Disruptive: Mostly tech, taking a new service and using it to disrupt an existing practice (Uber, Air BnB).

  • Radical: Breakthroughs or new discoveries (can see a scene not just an individual in a vacuum).

  • Double Diamond Framework for Innovation/Design Council [Picture].

  • "The Shop that Sold Illegal Wool" <-- Lecturer's personal project in innovation.

LO20: Critically Evaluate an Apply Appropriate Methodology and Research Findings to Your Project:

  • Impact, Evidence, Appropriate etc

  • Write an elevator pitch!!! Write about what you want to write, not what you think you should. No lectures.

  • Quantitative: Perceptions of the world.

  • Qualitative: Statistical analysis.

  • Scope: Narrow (individual artists) or Broad (field-based) (how to make the broad, narrow, for specifying your project.

  • Style: Action, case study, ethnographic, surveys, experimental.

  • Research Journey should be part of your practice, not a separate activity. I am proud of how I'm doing this!

  • Research Findings: review > evaluate > reflect > share > respond (NOT ALL ABOUT WORDS!)

  • Visual Methodologies: Sites (production of image, the image itself, audience) : Modes (technological, compositional, social).

  • "The way you deconstruct someone else's art, is reflective on you and your own work!" <-- be truthful about your own reactions to let people gather insights into your own priorities! Deconstruct your own gaze at your research.

  • "For me, drawing manifests itself in two distinct ways: in the urgency of a doodle, or the obsessive labour of intricate detail" - Grayson Perry [picture]. The Detective.

  • LO20 is about claiming territory. Where is the evidence? What is the evidence? Is the submission holistic? What have you learned? How does this help you to claim your individual creative territory?


  • Need to rewrite the Proposal, according to feedback.

  • Keep the ending open - figure out what it is about the installation that is KEY and discard what isn't - then do research and allow the research to guide me. MIND TIME.

  • Presentation - can be video but source videos have to be in same folder as PowerPoint. Dos & Don'ts for Shared Presentations up on the VLE

- R Cipolletta


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