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e20: SACS Organisation (pt_2)

Research into Specialist Field 18.10.20

An Unsuccessful Venture

Bark Over Bite:

Despite my polite and clear attempt to make contact with SACS for a consultation, they seem to have somehow taken offence to what I asked, responding with what can only be described as rude bluntness. This was a very confusing interaction for me as, though I know hunting can be a controversial and difficult subject to discuss, I thought I had approached the subject in a very poised and appropriate manner - especially given the following screenshotted paragraph taken directly from their website:

For such strong advocates toward hound hunting, so strong that there is a literal call to arms intermixed in their message, it seems baffling to me that they would take offence, and directly contradict themselves in such a forthright manner.

It's possible that the issue is that allowing the hounds to kill the deer, specifically, would be against their policies (thereby somewhat justifying their attitude) but nowhere in my email did I mention any specifics that would allow them to jump to this conclusion? So I have no clue what the issue is.

As shown in the top picture, I sent a response with a more direct clarification of my intentions, in the hopes of assuaging whatever concerns they've unjustly gathered about me, and hopefully begin again with a conversation that may be useful to my story and project.

On a positive note, at least I received some clarification on one thing - it's illegal in the UK for the hound to specifically injure the deer, and instead dogs should be used for tracking purposes. Definitely something I can work with (barely helpful, but at least something), assuming I set my story within the UK - which to be honest hadn't been my original intention.

I'll keep thinking and perhaps revisit my attempt to contact a field specialist at another time.

Retrospective Edit (26.10.20):

With no response to my clarification and no other correspondence since, I am forced to assume that this organisation simply has terrible customer relations services and a hypocritical/contradictory mission statement.

I'll be moving on permanently now.

- R Cipolletta



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