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e16: Wednesday Tuition

Nigel Potter 14.10.20

Class Sharing & Feedback

A general chat with our course leader, addressing questions and concerns that have been on our minds since the beginning of the module and complications due to the outbreak of the coronavirus...



When is enough research enough?

Inspiration is not research - inspiration prompts the question, research finds an answer. Go in with a question and stop researching when you get the answer.

  • Inspiration - figuring out the question, generating ideas.

  • Reference - informs what you do (e.g. pictures of the individual duck).

  • Research - answering an question, quantifying/analysing the references (e.g. what do feathers look like in general?).

Not being interested in something anymore is a valid justification to let something go and move on. Interesting! I haven't found the Mermaid story as interesting as the Detective right now. I didn't think to factor in personal preference into the process. Perhaps I should leave it, at least for now, and focus on what I like.

The mark of a talented industry-artist is to know what ideas are worth it as fast as possible to economise efforts. So why should it be different in this project.

If you change your mind, show it in the reflective journal - no need to rewrite the Proposal. This message is approved by Nigel.

49th in the world for games

16th in the world for concept art (only UK institution)

Installation Covid Replacement etc:

  • Embed in flash

  • Use PowerPoint

  • Journey Maker <-- interactive comics & adventure

  • Hyperlinks

- R Cipolletta



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