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e12: Wednesday Tuition

Catch-Up Notes Following Absence 07.10.20

Master’s Project Lecture, Seminar, and Briefing

LECTURE - Learning Outcome 17 & 18:

  • Context of where the work is placed is often half of the work. Which raises the question: What is the context of my work? Technology, people, history, design thinking, creative, philosophies and beliefs etc ??

  • “How is your work changing the particular look or feel of your desired field...” is a good one for me to ask myself.

  • Consider in my reflective essay whether my context is something I chose or whether it was given to me. ** Mine was more of a marketing opportunity I noticed during research - this is something I should emphasise.

  • EXAMPLE OF CONTEXT:: Bauhaus the School of Interdisciplinary Thinking (similar to the structure of the Masters course as Marie manages it).

  • EXAMPLE OF CONTEXT:: Check out UncensoredLibrary on Minecraft. A library of free press articles, unavailable in countries where censorship is strict.

  • EXAMPLE OF CONTEXT:: Adidas Parley, a sneaker made out of ocean waste, including fishing lines etc.

  • NOTE: I can use a quote about our Information Age as a way to justify this form of, otherwise obscure, advertising. In an age where information is at everyone‘s fingertips, unknowns become a more valuable commodity. This can be taken advantage of/capitalised on for advertisement purposes.

  • Maybe I should consider the effect of COVID on my concept (the great reset - how much will things change and what effect can I expect to have in that new environment?)

  • EXAMPLE OF CONTEXT:: Museum of Kindness, where stories become art. Artists turning moments of kindness into art works to display at a museum. Material that you’re working with might be other people’s materials <— Interesting for Calyx as well. I wonder if I could implement other people’s experiences into the stories I’m working on.

- R Cipolletta



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