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e1: The Covid Issue

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Rescoping the Project

When I was interviewed to attend NUA, I proposed to spend my time at the university working on the development of a sightless horror game with the unique selling point of it being entirely accessible to the blind and visually impaired. This was something I had worked on extensively in my final year of undergraduate studies and had a lot of promise when I pitched to turn it into a masters-level project.

In service of this goal, the first term was dedicated to storytelling and business/marketing of the concept and the company it could turn into. The second, to puzzle/level design and concept art for the playable demo and the terrifying antagonist. The third term, following this progression, was supposed to be dedicated to turning all of the previous work into a physical, sellable copy to be released on Steam as my first breach into the market. From there, after graduation from my degree, I would have used this as momentum to get funding for a future full-fledged game.

The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted a number of facilities at the university so, despite having finally put together the team I'd need to bring the demo to fruition, I have elected to re-imagine the scope of this module. This presents an interesting personal challenge as this is the first time I haven't had a pre-established overarching goal for my coursework, suddenly leaving me with questions about myself as a creator where before I'd been focused on my responsibilities to the project.

Having enjoyed the concept art in the second term so much, I had already spent the majority of the summer break (also induced by the pandemic) exploring this skill and posting updates to my website and Instagram account. These short, quick pieces have been a joy to create in my spare time due to the combination of art and storytelling involved in each post. So, after getting the green light from my professor, I've decided that continuing this style of work will be my focus for this last project.

The following blog series is part of my submission toward this goal, tracking my progress and thoughts throughout the final stretch of my postgraduate degree.

- R. Cipolletta



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