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R. Cipolletta | BA Games Design | MA Games

Artboard 1 copy 9_2x.png


Basquiat is Asleep

As she felt the tiny pinpricks cascade over her skin, she wondered what amazing gills could allow them to breathe through the sky-water...



Creature designs for a mysterious phone game where players are invited to collect a series of unique cryptids, each with their own personality, dialogue options, and meta-puzzles to solve...


A retired hunter lives quietly in her cabin, until one day she begins finding dead cervids in increasingly strange situations...




A littleOnion explores the magical world around her...

Thank you for visiting my portfolio! Please note that, as I work primarily with images and/or artwork, this is best viewed from a laptop/desktop & browser. For a better mobile experience, please checkout my ArtStation for the same work displayed here, or Instagram for a more behind-the-scenes peek at my processes.
Thank you for your patience and understanding! Please have a wonderful day.

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