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e11: Learning Agreement

File, Submission, and Project Changes 05.10.20

Thoughts After Hand-In

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The GANTT Chart:

Above all other things, the GANTT chart was the biggest wake-up call of filling out my learning agreement. Although I had no illusions of this project lasting forever, seeing it all laid out on a 10 week scale has make me question the amount of work I have left to wade through - especially given how much time the research and reflective journal are taking me.

I feel that three whole concepts to work through, each requiring their own sources and independent genre research, is too much for the allotted time. Even eliminating them as I progress as I intended to, just doesn't seem like enough of a compensation.

As a result of the above-mentioned concerns, I've been thinking about it a lot and have decided to change my formula a bit. I will still keep the iterative experimentation element of multiple stories, but instead of eliminating one after the story beats phase, I will do so now, and then remove the other at the next increment. This makes more logical sense from a progression standpoint as well as better-fitting my time restraints so I am quite satisfied.

Noticeable in my blog archive, I have had some inspiration and iterative idea-generation for the Mermaid and the Detective concept lines and none whatsoever for the Onion arc, so it is the latter that will be eliminated from this round, leaving only two:

This seems like a particularly good outcome because of the juxtaposing relationship these concepts have with my base inspiration, with one being extremely similar to McCaig's space mermaids, both in structure and subject matter, and the other completely different.

I have made a mental note to consider this relationship over the next day or so and see what conclusions I draw from it. Though, I am not sure yet where this might lead, as a general rule I quite like paradoxes and juxtapositions, so I'm very optimistic of what's to come.

- R Cipolletta



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